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AAU Connect

AAU Connect is targeted at the business community and aims to make it easier to start a collaboration with Aalborg University.

Collaboration and innovation

Cooperation and innovation is in the DNA of Aalborg University. Therefore, initiating cooperation has to be easy. With AAU Connect, we want to break down barriers and strengthen the relationship between AAU and the outside world. This is done with easily accessible communication with the right people to create the right match. Whether it concerns cooperation opportunities, events, or new research in specific disciplines, the goal of the app is to make AAU even more accessible to the outside world.

It is precisely through close contact with alumni that universities can form new collaborations in research, education, and innovation.

With AAU Connect in hand, you get access to AAU’s knowledge resources to help strengthen you and your business. AAU Connect makes it easier for both new and current collaborators, students, and alumni, to discover the knowledge, the researcher, and the event that match your interests.

As something new, AAU Connect now offers a collaboration function that will make it easier to get an overview of the collaboration opportunities that AAU offers. Through a wizard, you will be guided to find the right types of collaborations that match your needs.

At Telenor (both locally and globally), we enjoy working with students and give it high priority. They teach us a lot and we give them our practical experience. And for Telenor Denmark, the collaboration with AAU is crucial for our business. With AAU Connect, we have an intuitive and simple platform to easily and quickly connect with students, within the type of collaboration that the individual leader / team has the opportunity to offer. We are very much looking forward to using AAU Connect in the coming years and we believe it will further strengthen our fantastic connection to AAU.

Jacob Axelsen, Global Head of People Development Process at Telenor

AAU Connect

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AAU Connect

A unique experience

With a tailored approach to knowledge, you will be presented with content that makes sense to you. All you have to do is select the topics that interest you, and the content in the app will match your areas of interest. Thereby, AAU Connect presents a unique experience for everyone.

This is surely a really great app. It is easy to navigate despite its many functions. Furthermore, it meets an actual need. Thank you!

Design thinking

AAU Connect is created with the concepts of design thinking and co-creation at the forefront. To us, user involvement is central. AAU Connect has been created as a solution to meet the real needs of users who, among other things, want: a collaborative platform, to secure new knowledge, and to support digital imagination. AAU Connect is intended to create value in everyday life and show you what AAU has to offer.

Easy, attractive and of great value to all parties.

Do you have any suggestions for improvements? E-mail app@its.aau.dk?